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My wife and I came to a personal relationship with Jesus a few years after we were married. We became involved in a local church where we were ‘saved’ but after a few years we sought out a new church home where the principles of the Bible were taught in more depth. It was like a baby going from milk to solid food. The first church helped us get our start in our relationship with God but the advanced teaching of the second church gave us what we needed to grow and later we were led to host a home fellowship.

Following the leading of the Lord, we moved to Northern California where I was prompted by the Lord to start a film ministry and afterwards give an altar call. I felt scared to death to step out this way, but by faith I followed the Lord’s directive, and quite a few people came forward to accept Jesus. I was blown away by the response after stepping out to do as God called. We started a home fellowship and after some months, many attending asked us to have services on Sundays as a ‘real’ church. From this was born Calvary Chapel of Redding, and the home group grew to a building and was merged with a Calvary Chapel ministry.

Audrey and I again sensed the Lord’s call and off we went to New Mexico. We started by hosting evangelical concerts in a local auditorium and again started a home fellowship. Within several months, we grew into a brick and mortar structure which was known as Calvary Chapel of Los Alamos. After 2 years, the church was turned over to a former pastor who was involved with our ministry and we felt the Lord’s calling to start the first Calvary Chapel ministry in Las Vegas. This was before the age of GoFundMe and online sponsorship. No person or organization sent us out nor did anyone pledge monies to help get us going. Where God guides, God provides… Hallelujah!

God directed us to hold Sunday Services right away, and we utilized a mortuary chapel to host services as Calvary Chapel of Las Vegas. Although not knowing a single person in Nevada, we had 27 adults and 24 children at our first service. Attendance doubled almost every 5 months to over 8,000 in actual attendance weekly at our facilities in just over 6 years. After 1 year, we grew into our very own building directly on the Las Vegas Strip, and gradually expanded to a complex of new buildings on Washington Blvd, just east of Rancho Road. The Lord blessed the work of our hands and we saw much fruit as a result including a Christian school (1st -12th grade with 265 students), a youth recreational center with basketball, volleyball and ping pong. There was also a day care facility, full service Christian bookstore and a cafe. We introduced a Bible school which grew to over 500 class registrations, and from that blossomed a state certified 2-year degree granting college. There were weekly films, concerts, a multi-state daily radio program and a teaching tape ministry at 17 Prisons. At a sold out Wet N’ Wild Waterpark event, over 300 people were baptized. Our 1st Easter “Resurrection Day” celebration at Cashman Field saw guest attendance reach near 10,000 with many lives touched for God’s glory.

Over the years, we’ve coordinated 100+ home fellowships and God has blessed the work of our hands, for His kingdom sake! Many other ministries were started out of the work God gave us, with thousands making decisions for Jesus Christ throughout those years and hundreds receiving healing of all kinds. The Spirit of God allowed all of us to experience His power and presence in a unique and beautiful way. People of all backgrounds, nationalities and cultures coming together as one. People could sense the presence of God in the worship and people without prompting would stand, lift their hands, or kneel in worship. Everyone respected others expressing themselves unto God in a very intimate and personal way. You could feel the presence of God moving strongly among His people, and knew without a doubt, He was among us.

A few years ago, dear friends contacted us and sent over 150 teaching tapes from the ‘old days’. As Audrey and I listened to a few of them, it was obvious that the message was as live and applicable today as it was when it was originally given. Taped messages of J. Vernon McGee and Chuck Smith are still being aired though the speakers are no longer on earth. It’s about the message of Christ, not the messenger. After discovering the existence of the archived sermons, our daughter and son-in-law felt strongly that God still had work for us to do and surprised us with the foundation of this website to help us “touch one more person with the gift of eternal life”. Therefore, our vision became to convert those old cassette messages from the past into digital format, making them available so the Lord can utilize them (and us!) as He deems fit. We hope to add new messages or videos as God leads and add pictures of ministry life throughout the years.

Audrey and I are so thankful that God has allowed us to be part of what He was doing for all these years. Until June 2017, we were involved in our local community church for 8+ years. On my last day as Senior Pastor, we saw eight people baptized in water! It appears God is not finished with us yet or with you either. Things may change rapidly but God and His Word do not change. God desires to use all of us to serve as witnesses to share the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus and God’s judgment for those who reject Him. We are to recruit disciples and give them tools to know Jesus and find the Word of God. He wants His people to be empowered and walk as pilgrims and overcomers in this world of spiritual darkness.

Thank you for stopping by our website. We hope the message speaks to you, and that you will tell others, who in turn will tell more people, and many will have their hearts touched for Jesus. Keep us in prayer that the Word of God will go forth as it should. We want God’s will to be done, and nothing done of ourselves or for vanity’s sake. We are thankful that God allowed so many of you to be a part of an amazing work. This ministry serves as a reminder of what God did and what He wants to do as each one of us is willing to Move in the Miraculous! Please reach out to us with your praise reports and testimonies of what God has done for you and continues to do, in faith to His leading. We would love to hear from you!

Pastor Pat & Audrey Walsh

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